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Pro Choice, this is what I choose.

I Am Pro Choice. (this post is brought on by something that came across my FB wall)


I Agree that if you don’t want kids or can’t have them for whatever reason then you should not get pregnant. I think this is where Adoption comes into call.

However I believe that the young woman whom while walking home from work would not want her rapist child. Or the 10,11, 12 and so on year old girl who gets raped by a stranger or teacher or even father/brother/uncle/grandfather/boyfriend/friend of the family does not want that child. The point is, Woman/girls who have suffered rape, if found pregnant most likely be greatly affected for the better if their rapist child was removed from them. I can only imagine the psychological trauma a woman/girl would go through on not only a daily, but a hourly and minutely basis knowing that she had to carry her rapist child because some politician passed a law that she would face criminal charges if she rid herself of the child…. That would be detrimental to her life. Just think of it for a moment. Woman would go to extreme lengths if such was upon her. Because of a law like that you may have a case where the woman, would rather die/kill herself than carry her rapist child. Then in that instance when not only is the life of that woman; who people have loved her and cared for her, but also the unwanted child is no more.

So tell me ProLifers… is saving THAT unwanted child’s life worth it? Not only will the woman be gone, but her parents and family will be left with a whole in their hearts. What could be will never happen for that woman.

For reason like this. I Am Pro-Choice.


VoxBox – Colgate Optic White Regimen….

I received the Colgate Optic White Regimen from Influenster to try out. When I first opened my VoxBox I was excited because I have been wanting to try this, all three together


The Regimen


Let me first say that I have used my toothbrush prior to receiving my VoxBox was a Colgate Optic White 360 toothbrush. It was nearing it’s 3 month funeral, which I was happy about because I don’t like this toothbrush… For one reason and one reason only.


The Dreaded Nubs

The Cheek and Tongue Cleaner nubs. They bothered the inside of my cheeks and the corners of my mouth felt raw afterwards. I have sensory issues and this toothbrush’s nubs irritate my mouth. Other toothbrush nubs don’t normally bother me, the ones with the nubs just on the back of the brush, but this one has nubs going down the neck of the brush… Keep them to the back of the brush and not the neck and I would buy this again.


Colgate Optic White Toothpaste – Sparkling Mint

This did it’s job, whitened my teeth and freshened my breath, but it’s too expensive! I was looking at prices in my area, and it’s over $7.00. Way too much for me. I’ll stick with my Colgate Total Advanced Whitening.

Colgate Optic White Mouthwash


Colgate Optic White mouthwash… When I first got this I was excited. I normally use the Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse — Clean Mint (purple) because it’s alcohol free, so I was looking forward to trying this because of the Burn Freeness. I was not however excited after I put it in my mouth… There is some taste that is just ugh, It was gross. Almost a sour sweet taste to it. I’ll end up giving this to my brother, I can’t stomach it it is really nasty…

I would rather use mouthwash that has that alcohol burn than this. I’ll never use it again… Colgate I think you missed it on this one. Sorry.



I received these products complimentary from Influenster.


Coming soon… more VoxBox product reviews!

I’m sorry Billy, no graham crackers for your lunches.


Just read this…

Tennessee Advances Legislation That Would Tie Welfare To Children’s Grades



We don’t have the food stamps because you got a D on your book report!




This article made me sick. As if we don’t enough stress on our kids to succeed. Lets make them worry about; the groceries,the child care, mom and dad’s health insurance. I know school is school, but this would be akin to child labor abuse. They would essentially have to WORK for their food stamps, day care and health insurance.



Why would anyone think that amount of stress on school children is a good idea?

Our Friendly Cannibal


Hannibal Lecter

So I just seen the Hannibal Trailer on NBC. I am uber excited! When I first heard that there was going to be a television show based on Thomas Harris’s title character, I was a little apprehensive. The giddy school girl in my was excited, but I didn’t want NBC/prime time cable tv to sully the character. I mean can you really sully the rep of a cannibal? lol


When I was around 7 years old… I know shame on you mom! lol I seen the Silence of the Lambs. I practically grew up watching this film. Granted I should have grown up mutilating animals and cooking ants under a magnifying glass just based on the crap I watched, but I had a good grasp of reality… You know for a 7 year old lol. I knew that Hannibal Lecter was only in the movies (little did I know the real world) so I was okay. But I grew to love him as a character and I have actually grown to have empathy for real people who may not act the way society wants them to. Particularly anyone with a mental defect, and those society deems “Evil”. I don’t believe that anyone is born evil. I don’t believe for one minute that Junior is gnawing on his crib bars just wishing to get out to gouge of fluffy’s eye with his Tinker Toy rod or Lincoln log. I am a firm believer of Nature and Nurture playing a huge part on what become not only as children, but also adults.


I digressed a bit there eh? lol Anyways, I later seen William Petersen’s portrayal of Will Graham in Manhunter, I was probably around 17 or 18.



Will Graham 1986

I almost like Manhunter, more than Silence of the Lambs, it is an 1986 B-Thriller. The story is awesome, but it was such a low budget film that they used an air compressor a thin PVC pipe and ketchup as blood spatter from a shot gun blast! lol I love the film, You see Graham’s relationship with Lecter here. Lecter, no matter how bad a guy, manages to make himself needed. He has the rare affect of being not only a serial killer but also a psychologist. He can profile others that are not unlike himself. And that is just what he does for Graham. But he makes a menace of himself. He has a way of getting into Will’s head that when Will leaves the psych prison, he does so running. Literally. He runs down a huge circular ramp until he is outside so he can get air because he’s just about hypoventilating.

Hannibal Lecter get’s into peoples minds like that. In the Silence of the Lambs, after (Multiple) Miggs said something vulgar to Clarice Starling, Lecter was able to crawl so deep into Migg’s head that Miggs swallowed his own tongue and died. All while both Lecter and Miggs were in separate cell’s. Unable to see one another.

I don’t want the powers that be to muddy down Lecter’s character. I want him to have the same presence that creeps world out in the films. I want him to be able to give people nightmares!  With Network television, they have certain rules they have to follow. They can’t have curse words on. They can’t allow too much gore. Well that is what Hannibal is. He eats people and if that that isn’t gore. Well than I don’t know what is.

My worries have taking a flying leap out an 80 story window! The trailer shows lots of blood. You see bodies mounted on deer antlers. I’m not so sure of this Will Graham though. He seems… I don’t know. He’s weird. He seems to be a little on the squirrely side. In the time between Hannibal Rising and Manhunter/Red Dragon there is a huge gape of time where in HR we see Lecter as a 20 something, to Manhunter/Red Dragon when he is 48 years old. Will Graham doesn’t make an appearance until Manhunter/Red Dragon. At the beginning of M/R D we see the friendship that Graham and Lecter have. We also see the moment when Graham realizes that his friend isn’t exactly who he thinks he is.  Through out M/R D, Graham is rattled to be back at his profession of FBI Criminal Profiler. He’s building his confidence back up through out the films (M/ R D). He lacks confidence, but he’s not weird.


I should tell you that Red Dragon is a remake of 1986’s Manhunter… lol

Anyways in the show Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham is weird. He’s almost Socially retarded. Graham isn’t supposed to be like that yet. He should be a normal functioning FBI agent. I hope I can get passed this Will Graham. This is Will Graham before he meets Dr. Hannibal Lecter.



Will Graham 2013

Here’s hoping that the show makes up for this Flub of Grahams character.

By Their Hands.

You hear all the time about how kids commit suicide because of bullying, but then after you hear that, you hear “Kids are kids” They didn’t really mean for  John Smith/Jane Smith to kill him/herself”, “They are the ones who hung him, shot him, made him jump.” Well this time their hands killed a boy.


Bailey O’Neill pictured age 11

The post below was copied directly from ABC NEWS


Bailey O’Neill, 12, Dead Weeks After School Bullying

By KEVIN DOLAK (@kdolak)

March 4, 2013

A 12-year-old boy has died after being placed in a medically induced coma following a fight at his suburban Philadelphia school.

Bailey O’Neill died Sunday, a family member who did not want to be named, confirmed to Bailey turned 12 on Saturday. He was taken off life support Sunday morning.

In January, Bailey was involved in a fight at Darby Township School in Upper Darby, Pa., west of Philadelphia, Jan. 10. The boy was allegedly jumped by two classmates, one of whom hit him in the face several times fracturing his nose, his father Rob O’Neill told ABC affiliate WPVI.

Bailey was knocked down in the incident, his father told the station, which caused a concussion. From then on, something with the 6th grader wasn’t right, his father said.

“He was sleeping. He was moody. He wasn’t himself. He was angry a little bit. He wasn’t really eating,” Rob O’Neill told WPVI last month.

The boy was living primarily in the custody of his mother Jina, and his father had visitation rights, a family friend told

After being treated for his injuries from the altercation, Bailey soon took a turn for the worse and began having seizures. A friend of his parents said that Bailey was having refractory status epilepsies, a condition in which the brain is in a state of persistent seizure.

Bailey had to have a blood transfusion after getting pneumonia, the family friend confirmed, and doctors at A.I. duPont Hospital for Children put Bailey in a medically induced coma.

The Delaware County District Attorney’s Office says it has opened an active criminal investigation, according to WPVI. Southeast Delco School District officials have said the district is cooperating with the investigation. The school’s principal didn’t return a call to ABC News.

On Sunday, the following statement was posted on the Facebook page Building Hope for Bailey:

“I would like to thank everyone who has prayed and supported Bailey and his family!! Bailey has been the strongest toughest boy I know. He has fought this battle long and hard. There just wasn’t a way to fix this. I wish I could say he will get better but I can’t. Bailey has gone to be with God today 😦 I love you Jina Risoldi with all my heart and I will help you through this. Bailey I love you!!! Please keep Baileys family in your prayers!!!”


I’m sad to say that maybe now teacher, parents and officials will start taking Bullying more seriously. I’ll probably get snapped at for saying this, but I am over the “Bullying Awareness”  We could not be anymore AWARE. We as a nation are AWARE.  Stop telling us that it is here and do something about it! I watched Bully last night. I watched as Alex Libby, was choked, and stabbed with pencils and punched repeatedly while NOBODY did anything! I watched as a principal made to boys, a victim (Cole) and his bully shake hands. The victim of course didn’t want to shake his bully’s hand. If I was Cole I wouldn’t either. But then after the bully leaves, the principal give him the “you are just like him (bully) if you don’t shake his (bully) hand when he (bully) offers his (bully) hand” riot act. I bet my normally very normal blood pressure rose 20 points when I hear her say that! I had to rewind to be sure I heard her right. Why do adults say crap like that to kids? I’m sorry, but no Cole is not like his bully at all! Grrrrr It make me so made when I hear crap like that.

I hate that is comes to this, but maybe now that Bailey O’Neill is dead, maybe bullies will start actually getting charged with crimes! Because what those boys did to Bailey, they caused his death. Maybe not right away, but their actions are a direct cause. Bailey O’Neill is DEAD By Their Hands.

Satan’s Spawn ala CTFxC

Follow CTFxC for a Movie of the Week club via with Netflix. They offer a free month trial!



Dun, Duh Dunnnnnnnnnnn!

Where to start…? I have never scene this film. I’ve heard awesome things from it, so I was excited when Alli choose it, I figured Finally! A reason to sit down and watch Rosemary’s Baby!I first sat down to it last night. I fell asleep. lol To be honest, I was tired, so this morning I watched it on the computer at the last thing I coherently remembered.

I have to say I was disappointed. All the hype and I could take or leave it. For me it was predictable. The title character Rosemary, was so fickle. One minute she trust Minnie and Roman the neighbors, the next she acts like she didn’t learn what she did in the scene prior. I don’t want to give to much out. I want you to take out of it what you will. If you are anything like me, you are influenced by other peoples critics.

Anyways Rosemary was so wishy washy. She trusts, she doesn’t trust, she trusts, she doesn’t trust. Baaaack and fooooorth, back and forth. It was exhausting lol It was inconsistencies like that, that make me dislike films. The whole time I’m just thinking, leave your husband go back to L.A. to your friends and separate yourself and your unborn baby from these people!  Rosemary was just a weak character. I didn’t like her, her husband Guy was a total douche.

The ending just flat out pissed me off I wish I could get my Two hours and Sixteen minutes back. The only redeeming quality was the creepy ass music at the opening and closing credits. Sorry all. That’s just how I feel.



Next week


I haven’t heard of this film until just now, when I watched the trailer to share with you all.

I’m excited, this looks to be a nice movie.



On a more important note, Because my posts have been more serious, I think this will be a regular thing. I love movies so this should be a nice, not so serious, bit Smile





I’m not sure what Pronouns to use as I know it can be a big deal with Trans, Intersex and Androgynous people. So I want to apologize now if I offend anyone. Please leave me a message as to how to address this subject in the future. This is the first time I have written anything on the subject of LGBTIQ issues.


So me and my mom got in a heated discussion while we watched American Idol last night On Demand. There was a contestant who has since been eliminated, who is and I’m not sure if he/she is transgender or if S/he’s just androgynous. Either way it doesn’t matter what a person chooses to wear.



Josh ‘JDA’ Davila


My mom and I’s view on LGBTIQ issues differ. I wholeheartedly believe that we as a country are not 100% free until EVERYONE has Equal Rights. Fifty plus years ago it was Rosa Parks and the Little Rock Nine. In 2013 we still have Civil Rights Issues. My mom believes that people should be able to marry whomever they want but she was very uncomfortable with what Jda was wearing on AI. Mom says that Jda’s an attention getter. She thinks Jda WANTS the attention. I don’t necessarily believe that. Yes, Jda’s a very big and loud personality, but I don’t think Jda does it for shock value which is what I think my mom was getting at last night.



What Jda was wearing wasn’t that “loud” in my opinion. Black skirt pants. Black strappy tank, black belt/suspender get up… not sure how to describe that lol . Anyways champagne sequence heels. I think the loudest part of Jda’s whole ensemble was the necklace, but that is just me. I just don’t like huge oversized jewelry… on anyone lol

My mom thinks that if Jda wants to dress as a woman, then Jda (avoiding using he/she him, his and her) should take hormones to stop Jda’s facial hair… Grrr. It does not matter! No one should have to conform to anyones view of “Normality”. I told her that if she feels that men should not wear dresses, or skirts, she better talk with the Scot’s, Roman’s and any other era of men who didn’t wear pants! Even now Indian men wear dhoti, Sri Lankan men wear sarongs! It’s hypercritical to say men can’t wear dresses or skirts. We woman have been wearing men’s pants since Amazonia woman in 470 BC. It is an article of clothing! And to be quite honest, I thinking Jda makes for a beautiful woman! So come one people get with the times! It is a piece of fabric for gods sakes! What one wears or even marries for that matter is that persons Prerogative!

Gun control? Nay, nay… Internet trolls!


Internet Troll


Yep. I have fed one this week. You see I am hard wired to argue. Especially when I feel I have been wronged. I will tell you guys later why I am “Hard Wired”. Anyways how wronged can a person be when it involves internet trolls? I wholeheartedly believe they are born to make the normal internet users life a living hell! lol  For the most part I ignore internet trolls. I don’t jump on the band wagon when I see one posting negative, racist, homophobia and or religious zealots. I simply ignore them.

But when someone seeks me out to simply correct my grammar in a dickish way, I have a problem with it. There is really only one rule when involving internet trolls…



But when they push that one button, it is hard to not to be on the defense. Why do they exist? Why can they not accept that me using “Seen” instead of Saw” is okay? The world will not end if they don’t point it out?  I mean seriously. What the hell do they get out of it? Do they do they really enjoy being assholes? I don’t get it. I just don’t understand. Ugh I hate trolls! Okay I’m done ranting.

Until next time

Misdirection? No thank you.



I have started I can’t tell you how many blogs between now and last month. I didn’t finish or publish ones I did publish, because my blog was going in a direction that if I can help it, I don’t want it to go in. Just about everything, except for my Influenster reviews, were about Gun control… I didn’t want it going in that direction. I mean I’ll still post about it, but every time I turn around someone else has been shot or killed in some type of shoot involving a school, be it a college or elementary. And if it’s not that It’s a parent “Testing” the schools security by carrying a two by four in the shape of a gun, or a parent “forgetting” to remove a hand gun from their kindergartener’s backpack from the night before… I mean come on what the hell people?!? The latest bit? A 55-year old man shooting and killing a school bus driver and kidnapping an autistic 6-year old boy.


I just really just don’t want my blog to be dedicated all to guns. I want my blog to have some happy aspects.


On another gloomy note. I didn’t tell you guy that I applied for Disability and SSI. I got denied for disability because I don’t have enough work credits and SSI because they don’t think I need it… Shifty Now THAT will be fun to tell you, but that is for another day Winking smile.

Until then I bid you all adeiu…

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