Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Insoles


So I have been walking in my Dr Scholl’s Insoles for a week and I have mixed feelings…


Well here, first let me tell you what they do.



  • Reduces shock by 40%
  • Designed with Triple Zone Protection for your ball of foot, arch, and heel
  • Helps relieve and prevent pain from shin splints, runner’s knee and plantar fasciitis
  • Helps reduce foot odor with SweatMax™ technology


Great right?

Let me tell you that for 5 years I have been using  Spenco Q Factor Complete Support insoles. They are not cheap. I think I paid $38-$40 for them. That is almost double what I pay for a pair of shoes.


I have flat feet, and my feet tend to Over Pronate… Here are some photos and diagrams of what Over Pronation looks like Smile



In a standing position.


Walking or running foot falls.


So because of this my ankles roll outward. I got the Spenco’s because the woman at the shoe store said they would change my life by “Training” my foot to fall in a normal fashion. Well they did!

Now the Dr. Scholl’s no matter how comfortable they are… and they are very comfortable. The heel cup in the Active Series insole has a floppy/soft Heel cup Sad smile. There for I won’t be using them much. My Plantar Facsciitis is gone. My knees don’t bother me as much, but by the end of the day, my ankles really hurt Sad smile. Dr.Scholl’s if your listening, stick a ridged heel cup in the Active Series and I’ll use them! Because the AS insole are very comfy. The heel cup just doesn’t offer any support to my flat funky feet.


I have received this product complimentary from Influenster.