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April 2013

Pro Choice, this is what I choose.

I Am Pro Choice. (this post is brought on by something that came across my FB wall)


I Agree that if you don’t want kids or can’t have them for whatever reason then you should not get pregnant. I think this is where Adoption comes into call.

However I believe that the young woman whom while walking home from work would not want her rapist child. Or the 10,11, 12 and so on year old girl who gets raped by a stranger or teacher or even father/brother/uncle/grandfather/boyfriend/friend of the family does not want that child. The point is, Woman/girls who have suffered rape, if found pregnant most likely be greatly affected for the better if their rapist child was removed from them. I can only imagine the psychological trauma a woman/girl would go through on not only a daily, but a hourly and minutely basis knowing that she had to carry her rapist child because some politician passed a law that she would face criminal charges if she rid herself of the child…. That would be detrimental to her life. Just think of it for a moment. Woman would go to extreme lengths if such was upon her. Because of a law like that you may have a case where the woman, would rather die/kill herself than carry her rapist child. Then in that instance when not only is the life of that woman; who people have loved her and cared for her, but also the unwanted child is no more.

So tell me ProLifers… is saving THAT unwanted child’s life worth it? Not only will the woman be gone, but her parents and family will be left with a whole in their hearts. What could be will never happen for that woman.

For reason like this. I Am Pro-Choice.


VoxBox – Colgate Optic White Regimen….

I received the Colgate Optic White Regimen from Influenster to try out. When I first opened my VoxBox I was excited because I have been wanting to try this, all three together


The Regimen


Let me first say that I have used my toothbrush prior to receiving my VoxBox was a Colgate Optic White 360 toothbrush. It was nearing it’s 3 month funeral, which I was happy about because I don’t like this toothbrush… For one reason and one reason only.


The Dreaded Nubs

The Cheek and Tongue Cleaner nubs. They bothered the inside of my cheeks and the corners of my mouth felt raw afterwards. I have sensory issues and this toothbrush’s nubs irritate my mouth. Other toothbrush nubs don’t normally bother me, the ones with the nubs just on the back of the brush, but this one has nubs going down the neck of the brush… Keep them to the back of the brush and not the neck and I would buy this again.


Colgate Optic White Toothpaste – Sparkling Mint

This did it’s job, whitened my teeth and freshened my breath, but it’s too expensive! I was looking at prices in my area, and it’s over $7.00. Way too much for me. I’ll stick with my Colgate Total Advanced Whitening.

Colgate Optic White Mouthwash


Colgate Optic White mouthwash… When I first got this I was excited. I normally use the Crest Pro-Health Complete Rinse — Clean Mint (purple) because it’s alcohol free, so I was looking forward to trying this because of the Burn Freeness. I was not however excited after I put it in my mouth… There is some taste that is just ugh, It was gross. Almost a sour sweet taste to it. I’ll end up giving this to my brother, I can’t stomach it it is really nasty…

I would rather use mouthwash that has that alcohol burn than this. I’ll never use it again… Colgate I think you missed it on this one. Sorry.



I received these products complimentary from Influenster.


Coming soon… more VoxBox product reviews!

I’m sorry Billy, no graham crackers for your lunches.


Just read this…

Tennessee Advances Legislation That Would Tie Welfare To Children’s Grades



We don’t have the food stamps because you got a D on your book report!




This article made me sick. As if we don’t enough stress on our kids to succeed. Lets make them worry about; the groceries,the child care, mom and dad’s health insurance. I know school is school, but this would be akin to child labor abuse. They would essentially have to WORK for their food stamps, day care and health insurance.



Why would anyone think that amount of stress on school children is a good idea?

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