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Dun, Duh Dunnnnnnnnnnn!

Where to start…? I have never scene this film. I’ve heard awesome things from it, so I was excited when Alli choose it, I figured Finally! A reason to sit down and watch Rosemary’s Baby!I first sat down to it last night. I fell asleep. lol To be honest, I was tired, so this morning I watched it on the computer at the last thing I coherently remembered.

I have to say I was disappointed. All the hype and I could take or leave it. For me it was predictable. The title character Rosemary, was so fickle. One minute she trust Minnie and Roman the neighbors, the next she acts like she didn’t learn what she did in the scene prior. I don’t want to give to much out. I want you to take out of it what you will. If you are anything like me, you are influenced by other peoples critics.

Anyways Rosemary was so wishy washy. She trusts, she doesn’t trust, she trusts, she doesn’t trust. Baaaack and fooooorth, back and forth. It was exhausting lol It was inconsistencies like that, that make me dislike films. The whole time I’m just thinking, leave your husband go back to L.A. to your friends and separate yourself and your unborn baby from these people!  Rosemary was just a weak character. I didn’t like her, her husband Guy was a total douche.

The ending just flat out pissed me off I wish I could get my Two hours and Sixteen minutes back. The only redeeming quality was the creepy ass music at the opening and closing credits. Sorry all. That’s just how I feel.



Next week


I haven’t heard of this film until just now, when I watched the trailer to share with you all.

I’m excited, this looks to be a nice movie.



On a more important note, Because my posts have been more serious, I think this will be a regular thing. I love movies so this should be a nice, not so serious, bit Smile