Internet Troll


Yep. I have fed one this week. You see I am hard wired to argue. Especially when I feel I have been wronged. I will tell you guys later why I am “Hard Wired”. Anyways how wronged can a person be when it involves internet trolls? I wholeheartedly believe they are born to make the normal internet users life a living hell! lol  For the most part I ignore internet trolls. I don’t jump on the band wagon when I see one posting negative, racist, homophobia and or religious zealots. I simply ignore them.

But when someone seeks me out to simply correct my grammar in a dickish way, I have a problem with it. There is really only one rule when involving internet trolls…



But when they push that one button, it is hard to not to be on the defense. Why do they exist? Why can they not accept that me using “Seen” instead of Saw” is okay? The world will not end if they don’t point it out?  I mean seriously. What the hell do they get out of it? Do they do they really enjoy being assholes? I don’t get it. I just don’t understand. Ugh I hate trolls! Okay I’m done ranting.

Until next time