I have started I can’t tell you how many blogs between now and last month. I didn’t finish or publish ones I did publish, because my blog was going in a direction that if I can help it, I don’t want it to go in. Just about everything, except for my Influenster reviews, were about Gun control… I didn’t want it going in that direction. I mean I’ll still post about it, but every time I turn around someone else has been shot or killed in some type of shoot involving a school, be it a college or elementary. And if it’s not that It’s a parent “Testing” the schools security by carrying a two by four in the shape of a gun, or a parent “forgetting” to remove a hand gun from their kindergartener’s backpack from the night before… I mean come on what the hell people?!? The latest bit? A 55-year old man shooting and killing a school bus driver and kidnapping an autistic 6-year old boy.


I just really just don’t want my blog to be dedicated all to guns. I want my blog to have some happy aspects.


On another gloomy note. I didn’t tell you guy that I applied for Disability and SSI. I got denied for disability because I don’t have enough work credits and SSI because they don’t think I need it… Shifty Now THAT will be fun to tell you, but that is for another day Winking smile.

Until then I bid you all adeiu…