Yea, I’m one of those girls! lol I have never been big on shooter games. I’m more  of a Sims girl, I love me some Sims! Now for as long as I can remember N64’s Zelda was my favorite game.


Zelda: Ocaina of Time

But my cozy little world of Zelda, Mario and The Sims, came crashing down when my baby brother was playing a little game called Mass Effect

I mean how can one not love a game that lets you have total control of the out come? You get to know and have a relationship with your fellow squad mates,


The many characters of the Mass Effect world!

My first play through I got lost on game one… hey give me some credit it was my first shooter! lol By the time I got to play one, two was already out.


Yeah, they didn’t give us girls our own Femshep cover until game three… Annoyed

So yup, I finished two before finishing one… in fact I started and play half way through ME3


Looky! We girls got our own cover! Open-mouthed smile

Yup half way through three, and then I thought. I should really tie all my games together! So I commenced a gaming marathon… Oooh so much fun! I love this game series! I started one, my brother’s copy was a digital copy on his Xbox, my cousin gave me his old xbox so I could play ME on my own time.


He even painted it! It also has my name on the under side

Played through one, then erased and started two over, played that through again and did the same with three. But now I’m sad. I have but three missions left and then I’m done. My world of Garrus, Tali, Liara, Joker, Hackett, Wrex, Kaiden (my Paramour of choice) and Dr Chakwas. All the characters, no. My squad that has been with me. Fighting along side me. Tracking down and annihilating Saren and Sovereign in one. Bringing an end to the Collectors in two. And now, I am building the Crucible to bring an end to the war I have been fighting in all three games. Destroying the Reapers. I have old enemies who are now my in my gang of cohorts. The Rachni and the Geth. Who would of though I would be fight along side them?! I am sad because it is all about to end. My universe of planets to explore and scan for rare minerals, artifacts and credits. My only hope is that there is a fourth. As far as I know, there is no plan for a fourth installment, but a girl can dream can’t she?