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January 2013

Commander Shepard? Yes please!


Yea, I’m one of those girls! lol I have never been big on shooter games. I’m more  of a Sims girl, I love me some Sims! Now for as long as I can remember N64’s Zelda was my favorite game.


Zelda: Ocaina of Time

But my cozy little world of Zelda, Mario and The Sims, came crashing down when my baby brother was playing a little game called Mass Effect

I mean how can one not love a game that lets you have total control of the out come? You get to know and have a relationship with your fellow squad mates,


The many characters of the Mass Effect world!

My first play through I got lost on game one… hey give me some credit it was my first shooter! lol By the time I got to play one, two was already out.


Yeah, they didn’t give us girls our own Femshep cover until game three… Annoyed

So yup, I finished two before finishing one… in fact I started and play half way through ME3


Looky! We girls got our own cover! Open-mouthed smile

Yup half way through three, and then I thought. I should really tie all my games together! So I commenced a gaming marathon… Oooh so much fun! I love this game series! I started one, my brother’s copy was a digital copy on his Xbox, my cousin gave me his old xbox so I could play ME on my own time.


He even painted it! It also has my name on the under side

Played through one, then erased and started two over, played that through again and did the same with three. But now I’m sad. I have but three missions left and then I’m done. My world of Garrus, Tali, Liara, Joker, Hackett, Wrex, Kaiden (my Paramour of choice) and Dr Chakwas. All the characters, no. My squad that has been with me. Fighting along side me. Tracking down and annihilating Saren and Sovereign in one. Bringing an end to the Collectors in two. And now, I am building the Crucible to bring an end to the war I have been fighting in all three games. Destroying the Reapers. I have old enemies who are now my in my gang of cohorts. The Rachni and the Geth. Who would of though I would be fight along side them?! I am sad because it is all about to end. My universe of planets to explore and scan for rare minerals, artifacts and credits. My only hope is that there is a fourth. As far as I know, there is no plan for a fourth installment, but a girl can dream can’t she?



Shoe Lover?





Not so much… my Flintstone feet don’t allow me to wear pretty flats, and my back is jacked up enough to wear heels, would be torture.  Sooo here is Influenster’s gift to me, that I am sharing with you!

Sole Society has given Influenster a coupon code for their members and their friends!

“Launched in March 2011, Sole Society is a chic brand of exclusive, high-quality, on trend shoes, starting at only $49.99. Aside from a great selection of shoes., Sole Society members have access to exclusive fashion and style content, tips and trends from our Fashion insiders, and special promotion, all focused on everyone’s favorite accessory: shoes.”



$25 off your first pair of shoes! 

Use this code INFLUENSTER25 Offer expires January 31, 2013


With the exclusive coupon code in your hand now, you’ll get $25 off your first purchase. Shop the catalog for boots, flats, heels and more, or pick from the collections that are curated by our Fashion insiders, hand selected seasoned industry experts. Get Started at”



Well? What are you waiting for? I know I have friends on Facebook who love their shoes!

Coming up, my last item the Goody QuikStyle Half Round Brush.

Lip Smackingly Good

NYC Lipshine

Nude York City Liquid Lipshine

So, in my VoxBox of plenty I am towards the bottom, only a few items left to share with you. The most recent is a New York Color product. It is their Liquid Lipshine in Nude Your City. Now I normally don’t use lip glosses, I’m a chapstick kind of girl. The reason being is lip glosses tend to dry my lips out, also my natural lip color is darker than most, so lip glosses don’t show any color difference. But if NYC has this in clear I would totally buy it again. It didn’t dry our my lips and one thing I really liked…. It was not sticky! Which if you have ever use lip gloss, stickiness is something normally unavoidable. That is another reason why I typically don’t use lip glosses, I hate that feeling of my lips sticking together. I’m not sure if this is true to every shade, but the Nude York City, has a yummy Chocolaty scent to it! My only gripe is that I had to reapply it every 20 minutes or so, but I can live with that as it’s not an everyday product for me. More like I’m going out to eat or maybe to a movie. I really liked this. It is my number second favorite of everything in my Holiday 2012 VoxBox!

I received this as a complimentary product to try and review as part of Influenster’s VoxBox program.

NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine can be found at chain drugstores and mass merchandisers nationwide for $2.49 a tube.

Will we repeat history?


guns pile



I ran across a petition that my uncle invited me to sign. The petition is located here. It is titled,

Declaration of the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms and Intentions to Resist Confiscation of Firearms.

Now I am only 29, so I have only seen the film, but it made such an impact that it was the first thing that came to mind when I read the title of this. Ruby Ridge Massacre, and Waco Texas Siege. I linked to two Wikis, because these pages give you an unbiased view on what happened at Ruby Ridge, Idaho between August 21 through to the 31st of August in 1992, and Waco, Texas, February 28, 1993 all the way through April 19, 1993.



Weaver cabin on Ruby Ridge

Randy Weaver’s family including wife Viki Weaver, son Sammy Weaver and his dog Striker, and US Marshall Bill Degan all perished at the end result of what started as a $3000,00 lad dispute and neighbor Terry Kinnison’s sour grapes over loosing the lawsuit and sent letters to the FBI and county sheriff alledging Weaver threatening to kill the Pope, then President George H.W. Bush, and then Idaho governor John V. Evans.  


David Koresh was the then leader of Branch Davidians, a religious sect described as a doomsday cult, located at the compound they named the  Mount Carmel Center. US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agents along with media stormed the compound on February 28, 1993. They were executing a search warrant. This is reason for the search as written on Wikipedia.

“In May 1992, Chief Deputy Daniel Weyenberg of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department called the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) notifying that his office had been contacted by a local UPS representative. A UPS driver described a package that had broken open on delivery to the Branch Davidian residence, revealing firearms, inert grenade casings, and black powder. On June 9, 1992, a formal investigation was opened and a week later it was classified as sensitive, “thereby calling for a high degree of oversight” from both Houston and Headquarters”


Over head view of Mount Carmel Center Compound before the siege

The resulted after US ATF agents executed a search warrant was a 50 day stand off between David Koresh, and his followers that included at least Fifty-Four men and woman and Twenty-Eight children. Nine people survived.



Waco Siege     waco-siege




Seventy-six men, women and children,including the sect leader Koresh, died in the siege.

I can comprehend why the ATF, felt “threatened”, but what happened should not have happened. They was it was executed was just wrong and the result should have never happened… Ruby Ridge should have never happened. Ruby Ridge and Waco are blemishes on US Marshalls and the FBI, and ATF. They are unfortunately the events that make agency such as the USMS, FBI, and ATF learn from.

When I read material like that petition, I have pictures floating about in my head of Ruby Ridge and Waco. Sure sieges such as the Yearning for Zion Ranch, could happen.



Although this religious sect did not stockpile, but they didn’t fight the seizure of 439 children. Waco had over 200 weapons and over a million, yes a MILLION rounds of ammunition.


If anything History has taught us, is stockpiling, gun toting American’s don’t like being told they can’s have their weapons. Most use the argument “I use them for hunting” I’m sorry but you do not need but you to need





to shoot




or protect




When stockpiling comes into play and people threatening to use force if their playthings are confiscated. Ruby Ridge and Waco HAPPEN. I am all for gun control, but it needs to be done with Ruby Ridge and Waco in mind. It needs to be done well thought out, with safety in mind.


With Ruby Ridge and Waco looming in the not so distant past, I don’t know if a rehash of the past can be avoided. Gun owners are proud of their guns, and they don’t like being told they can not have them.

I think the 2nd Amendment is kind of archaic, kind like the stoning of a disobedient child in


Deuteronomy 21:18-21

18 If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son who does not obey his father and mother and will not listen to them when they discipline him

19 his father and mother shall take hold of him and bring him to the elders at the gate of his town.

20 They shall say to the elders, “This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious. He will not obey us. He is a profligate and a drunkard.”

21 Then all the men of his town shall stone him to death. You must purge the evil from among you. All Israel will hear of it and be afraid.


We don’t do that to our children, because it is a very old thought. It’s is a ridiculous thought. But we have evolved from that. I think we need to evolve from the idea that everyone has the right to have own and use guns. That is me, but that is what I think.

Fantasia Barrino Anti-Gay Instagram Rant? ‘Gay Marriage Legal But Yet I’m Judged’




Talk about Back-Peddling!
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Westboro Baptist Church Faces Counter Protest At Maryland Courthouse Ahead Of Gay Weddings



I am all for free speech, but what I cannot stand is Free HATE Speech. People who protest fur so venomously, that they must dump red paint on people they see in fur, they get arrested. But these lurid Westboro “Baptist church people” are allowed to spread their abhorrent views on society, makes me sick! They should be charged with a Hate crime every time they protest a funeral or a wedding. Those are not places to protest. The fact that they are allowed make me nauseated. I just don’t understand. We allow these people to spurt forth vile, appalling bullshit, yet two people who love one another and only want the world to recognize their love, are not allowed to have legal documents proving their love in all 50 states… I just don’t understand… This is a sad world we live in indeed.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Holiday VoxBox 2012; Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque in Chocolate!

Chocolate Masque

Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Face Masque

One word…. AWESOME! Thank you Influenster!

I have never used a face masque before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved this!

As I used it it was a little itchy as it dried, but it was manageable.

The smell? DEAR GOD! It smelled like hot chocolate to me, it smelled sooo good, so good that my cat thought she was going to sample some! lol I had to stay away from her because she kept wanting to eat it!

I have T Zone skin, my forehead and nose tend to be oily while my cheeks and side of my face, as well as my chin tends to be dry and this left my face feeling wonderful… I was sad the masque was gone! My pours which are normally huge were a bit smaller, perhaps if I continue to use masques like these my pour will not be noticeable. This is day 3 after using and my face is still baby butt soft! lol I love this stuff, if I can find it in my area, I will definitely get more as the typical price is around $2.00. Super affordable. I look forward to trying the many other masques that the company offers! I will most definitely buy this if I can find it.

I am in LOVE!

Sorry not before and after photos… I am self-conscious enough as it is, I looked goofy, but it felt and smelled oh so heavenly!

I received this product complimentary to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program.

You can find other reviews that are just as honest as mine at Montagne Jeunesse on Influenster

Montagne Jeunesse products can be found for under $2.00 at Wal-Mart, Ulta, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS


Coming soon… NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine and Goody QuikeStyle Half Round Brush

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