So Eboost Pink Lemonade. I think I said in my unboxing video, that I do not like energy drinks.


                                                                Pink Lemonade

Unboxing my FIRST! Influenster VoxBox!

They don’t work for me. I have ADD, so the stimulants have no effect on me… It is well know that if you give a kid with ADD or ADHD, it actually calms them. That is why in the 90’s it was popular to get Prozac and other types of pharmaceutical “speed” from ADD/ADHD kids. It just doesn’t work for us. And besides that I don’t like the tastes of them. I am a big girl and if I consume something, dammit I want to enjoy the taste! lol Eboost, is not of the except. Sorry Eboost, not your fault.

  Ease of Preparation


I didn’t want my ice to mess up the  “effervescence”! lol so I used my measuring cup (I had not 12 oz cups) to use ice cool my water lol

Simple, 12 oz of Water and mix. Now it says to add the mix to the water and not the other way around, I thought that was off because with powders they tend to stay on top if you add them to liquid.


                                                       Nice unintended head! lol

Which is what it did… Sit on top. As you can see above.

  Thoughts on Taste

If you like Energy drinks you would probably not mind this. To me it was really sour, like Kool-Aid Lemonade with no sugar. I didn’t like it… in fact I only took two drinks. I took one and wanted to dump it… I made my self to take another sip to make sure and no thank you! lol It is not sweet at all.

  Pros and Cons

I am not gonna say it didn’t give me energy because 1. they don’t work for people like me, and 2. I only took to drinks.


  • Easy to prepare


  • the taste. Add a little sugar

  Overall Thoughts

Would I buy this. No. Would I accept if offered. No. I would just ask for water. It’s not my thing, I did try it, but I don’t like these types of drinks. Now something like Crystal Lite with a little sweetness, yes please :0)

For more reviews from actual energy drink users check out Eboost on Influenster There you will find more honest reviews like mine!

I received this product complimentary through Influenster’s VoxBox program.

Go to the EBoost website to find where you can purchase $28 for box of 20 Natural Energy Booster effervescent powders in your area.

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