The local county voluntarily closed all schools two days early, because some kids thought it would be funny to call in a bomb threat. When will children grow up? I know that is kind of transparent, but in all seriousness. When will children learn that calling in bomb threats and posting on Facebook that you have a “hit list” isn’t funny? And after Sandy Hook? That is what sickens me the most. After what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, the last thing that parents need to hear is that their children’s school got a bomb threat. These babies that were all murdered have barely gotten cold, and kids are acting stupid. I swear, this happens after a shooting like Sandy Hook, the schools went on lock down shortly after the Aurora, Virginia Tech and Oikos shootings.

I was watching CNN yesterday and they had a speaker who was a psychologist who said that something that school shootings are becoming popular, or they are all of a sudden all the rage….. Has this man never seen this list? ? I mean really, they are pretty consistent to me. Yes we have had more this year, personally I think it is because of the “End of the World” bullshit  that is making everyone bat shit crazy.

All I know is that things need to change. Maybe have Creative Writing, be required learning in school.  From 4th grade on through college graduation. Let us see into these kids heads. Maybe if we had a window into the minds of some of these kids, we could stop things before it happens… It would be cathartic for them and insight for us.

Hoping for change.