So someone linked a tweet to my FB today. From a @DannyZuker “Scientist are baffled by Canadian‘s ability to watch movies and play video games and not shoot each other”
This was my response. “I too am baffled. Canadians watch Criminal Minds, CSI, and Natural Born Killers right along with us, Sub-Human Americans and yet, they have 11 TOTAL School Shootings spanning from 1902 to 2010….. America we have a whopping 156 cases, stretching from the earliest documented in 1764 to the most recent at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. What is wrong with our country? Why can we as a society not function without killing children and adult students in schools? Huh? If someone could figure that out, would be stellar! Because I sure as hell would like to know what makes Canada so damn great, that they can go without killing young and old students alike. What is wrong with us? ”

What is the world doing so right that us Americans just can’t get it right? The earliest school shooting I remember was April 20th 1999 shooting in Littleton Colorado. Columbine. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were the shooters then. Two young men just two-weeks shy of graduating. Two weeks away from being away from the bullying. Two weeks from being able to make something of themselves. But they collectively choose a much more permanent route. The choose to bring bombs and guns into their school and kill 12 fellow students, 1 teacher and then their last finite move. They turned the guns on them selves. 15 lives ended that Tuesday afternoon. All because two boys couldn’t wait two weeks.


Dylan Klebold                                                        Eric Harris

I always post something on the anniversary on my FB. I sometimes get responses, sometimes in understanding, some not so much. When I post about Columbine, I always include Dylan and Eric. Because they lost their lives just as much as their 13 victims. Yes in a different way, but their families hurt just as much as everyone else’s families who were directly affected by the massacre. I think when the circumstances are of two bullied boys, it is important to remember them. Yes what they did was more wrong than anyone can say. Atrocities comes to mind. What they did was end 14 young lives and 1 life of a wise teacher. It was atrocious.

I wish, and everyone wishes that Dylan and Eric had dealt with their bullies in a different way. But the fact is they did not. Like many who are bullied, they did not tell an adult. When they acted out, heads were turned. But not in their directions. They were ignored. When the boys and their group of friends “The  Trench Coat Mafia” was in a school photo in the gym on bleachers.


Take a look at this photo. This was in the 1998 Columbine High School year book. Look at the top left hand corner in the red box. Eric Harris – black cap, Dylan Klebold – sunglasses

Why was this photo allowed to be published and why did no one do anything about it? It is little things like this. Red flags, that tell us as a society that something is not right. But no one heard their pleas. Yes Eric was in court order anger management, another Red flag. But everyone ignored the bullying. They were cornered in the cafeteria (one of their places of horror) and squirted with ketchup. Another incident involved bullies and Dylan being pelted with Ketchup covered tampons and being called a faggot. HOW did no adult not see this happening to these boys?

What I have said may have you all thinking that I condone what the boys did. Please, know that I do not under any circumstances condone, or agree with anything they did. I am just sympathetic. I was bullied as a child. my answer was to drop out of school. Some others may endure it silently, others, in recent times. They kill themselves and like Dylan and Eric. But, they took some out with them.

Two weeks. such a short time for most. But for Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris and their 13 victims, it was an eternity. An eternity that will never come.