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December 2012

‘Potential Prostitutes’ Site Lets Users Submit Women’s Names And Charges To Remove Them



HOW in gods green earth is this legal?
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Eboost? Not so much.

So Eboost Pink Lemonade. I think I said in my unboxing video, that I do not like energy drinks.


                                                                Pink Lemonade

Unboxing my FIRST! Influenster VoxBox!

They don’t work for me. I have ADD, so the stimulants have no effect on me… It is well know that if you give a kid with ADD or ADHD, it actually calms them. That is why in the 90’s it was popular to get Prozac and other types of pharmaceutical “speed” from ADD/ADHD kids. It just doesn’t work for us. And besides that I don’t like the tastes of them. I am a big girl and if I consume something, dammit I want to enjoy the taste! lol Eboost, is not of the except. Sorry Eboost, not your fault.

  Ease of Preparation


I didn’t want my ice to mess up the  “effervescence”! lol so I used my measuring cup (I had not 12 oz cups) to use ice cool my water lol

Simple, 12 oz of Water and mix. Now it says to add the mix to the water and not the other way around, I thought that was off because with powders they tend to stay on top if you add them to liquid.


                                                       Nice unintended head! lol

Which is what it did… Sit on top. As you can see above.

  Thoughts on Taste

If you like Energy drinks you would probably not mind this. To me it was really sour, like Kool-Aid Lemonade with no sugar. I didn’t like it… in fact I only took two drinks. I took one and wanted to dump it… I made my self to take another sip to make sure and no thank you! lol It is not sweet at all.

  Pros and Cons

I am not gonna say it didn’t give me energy because 1. they don’t work for people like me, and 2. I only took to drinks.


  • Easy to prepare


  • the taste. Add a little sugar

  Overall Thoughts

Would I buy this. No. Would I accept if offered. No. I would just ask for water. It’s not my thing, I did try it, but I don’t like these types of drinks. Now something like Crystal Lite with a little sweetness, yes please :0)

For more reviews from actual energy drink users check out Eboost on Influenster There you will find more honest reviews like mine!

I received this product complimentary through Influenster’s VoxBox program.

Go to the EBoost website to find where you can purchase $28 for box of 20 Natural Energy Booster effervescent powders in your area.

Coming up NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine!


Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal +

Good Morning everyone out there in the interwebs! I will be you commercial host! lol Okay no, but what I will be doing is reviewing this mornings breakfast of  Quaker Real Medleys: Apple Walnut Oatmeal +
No that + is not a mistake… The + is Sweet apples, tart cranberries, chopped walnuts and multigrains.


Ease of Preparation

This is one of those product that a teenager could easily prepare for them selves. I personally would not let a child make it as the two way to make it involve either using a stove and dealing with boiling water, or microwave and dealing with hot packaging. Easy enough for a teen or adult, but hazardous for a child.

If you boil water, it sits for 3 minutes. Microwave – 45 seconds to 65 second with a minute to sit.
Very easy to prepare.

Thoughts on Taste

I have had this before. In my unboxing video that you can see

I mention that I didn’t think I cared for it… I was wrong. It’s okay. I’m not a big oatmeal person to begin with, I’m more of a coco wheats girl. On the packaging it mentions apples, tart cranberries, chopped walnuts and multigrains. Ooh and I must say that I added a couple tablespoons of milk at the end just to cool it and to make it creamy.


                                                              Sweet Apples

Anywho, the apples were really good! They were not those tiny apples, there was small slices so you knew you were eating apple.


Tart Cranberries

Hmmm how do I put this nicely? They might as well have not been there. I could not taste them, and I’m not even stuffed up. No head cold here. I honestly could not taste them.  I wish they included a sachet of craisins. That would have been nice.


                                                               Chopped Walnuts

Walnuts, walnuts and more walnuts. I am not a walnut fan, and I don’t know if it was because I don’t care for them, but there were a lot of walnuts. I still ate them but I would like this with fewer if the walnuts must be there… This is turning out to be a really negative post! lol

What is not mentioned on the front of the package is Cinnamon. I don’t mind cinnamon, but I don’t like a lot either. The cinnamon was not hanging out in the background it was quite prominent. It would have been listed as SWEET CINNAMON APPLES, not SWEET APPLES.

  Pros and Cons


  • Fast to prepare
  • Flavorful
  • Hearty


  • Pricey… at $1.79 a pop, I can just buy a box of instant oatmeal and a bag of crasins for about $3.00 total. I won’t have to deal with the walnuts and I can control the amount of cinnamon :0)
  • Too many walnuts
  • Too much cinnamon

 Overall Thoughts

It’s okay. It’s not the worst, it’s palatable, it’s just not my thing. Would I buy it again? Probably not (sorry Quaker). Would I consume it again? Maybe, if I was at someone’s home and they offered it to me.

For more honest reviews, check out Quaker Real Medleys+ Oatmeal on Influenster

Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal + can be purchased for $1.79 per individual cup

I received this product complimentary from Influenster’s VoxBox program.



Coming soon “Eboost Debacle”!

Accountability, with a side of praises, and scowls.




I only say what I feel. I said much the same when Columbine and Virginia Tech happened. I wasn’t online much for Columbine, so most was not behind a computer screen. I got scowled and got yelled at, but you can not deny that the shooters also lost their lives and their loved ones hurt just as much… in some cases maybe even a little more. I can’t say for sure as I thankfully have never been in a situation of that sort.

I think that is what is wrong with the world. We as a society have lost our sympathy. Just because a person is sympathetic for another doesn’t mean they believe what that person did was right, or wrong. It just means that you are sorry for what ever happened it to them. I don’t know… I just know that too many are quick to judge…. It is actually one reason I am not involved in religion…

Matthew 7:1 states
“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Society is so quick to judge, but they lack the sight to see that we made these people who they are. People jump on the gun laws, but then bitch and moan when the threat of their precious metal toys are taken away. They scream “It’s the video game, movies, television and music’s fault” Which I LOATH this argument… Anyways, the blame the entertainment… yet what do they do? They run out and get 7-year-old Jr the latest new first-person shooter game and take him to see the new Star Wars, or Transformers movie. People lack accountability. Stop blaming the movies, game, music and television. Stop letting children dictate what they will watch, play and listen to.

In a perfect world, children would be 13 before hearing a cuss word. In a perfect world; children would have to turn 18 to see those violent R rated films, buy their very own M rated video game, or those Parental Advisory :Explicit Content CDs. But you see this is not a perfect world. Parents are going to continue to allow their children to play those game, see those films, watch those television show and listen to that music. And parents are going to continue to bitch when another school gets shot up. And so they shall. But please realize, that you are making these children who they will become. You can not blame objects until there is more Accountability.

Piers Morgan Deportation Petition Gains More Than 30,000 Signatures

Really? Piers deserves to be deported, but good ole Ted Nugent, gets to stay in our country and blab his incessant shit about anyone on being on welfare should loose their voting privileges, and say the president can suck on his machine gun? God this country is ass end backwards!
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Kiss Nail Dress Nail Stickers and my first Influenster VoxBox!

I got my Holiday VoxBox from Influenster!

Here is the contents:

Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal in Apple Walnut

NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City (582)

Kiss Nail Dress in Limited Edition KDS02WG

Eboost in Pink Lemonade

Goody Quikstyle Brush in Half Round

Sole Society Gift Code

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque in Chocolate

My first try of Kiss Nail Dress Nail Stickers.

I have only tried the nail stickers. Now I must explain my photo… I have a habit of biting my nails. SO if I ever decide to buy this again it would be with acrylics. My nails look like that of a 5 years old! lol I am a big girl so I have fat hands, but I also have very small hands and short fingers… my nail-biting habit doesn’t help that! lol I refuse to show a before photo as yeah you just don’t want to see that haha.

They look okay, but would be better on acrylics! lol

Application process.

Iffy on a first time user, there is a bit of a learning curve, however as I went nail by nail, it got easier and easier. As I was putting them on and filing the access off it was tearing, so I was using scissors to trim down most of it, then nail clippers to finish. Kinda tedious but okay.

Thoughts on longevity.

I just put them on last night so I can’t say anything about the supposed “Lasts up to 10 Day” claim. They have stood up nicely to dish and hand washing. A plus for me, Keeps me from biting my nails :0)

Pros and Cons.


  • Pretty easy to use
  • First time, user-friendly
  • Lots of styles to choose from


  • Directions are unclear (will explain below)
  • I needed nail clippers and scissors, because of the directions

So my gripe… It rally is a small one, had I looked at the entire box, I would have seen it but still, put the directions in one place please! The package comes with a small brochure that has the directions and shows their 18 styles to choose from.

Directions (includes pictures)

  1. Select the size that fits your nail.
  2. Smooth and fold over the edge
  3. File Excess
  4. Dine!

Easy right? Well when it says “Fold over edge” I didn’t thing to fold the sticker over so it touches my finger tip, I was thinking it was saying to tuck it down the sides. Also the photo doesn’t show a side view of the fold, so that is where I got confused. Again I am a first time user of anything other than nail polish so this may just be my lack of experience. After I finished applying them all I was looking over the box and guess what I find on the outside of the box? Different instructions! Worded differently to the fact that it was clear, my sorry butt applied them wrong! lol Don’t get me wrong, they are on, I just made more work for myself! lol

On brochure

Smooth and Fold over Edge

On outside of box
Fold down over edge & file excess

See what they did there? The instruction on the box was more descriptive. FOLD DOWN…See I have ADD and I tend to miss interpret things differently. With the wording FOLD DOWN, I don’t need a side view photo. That is just me, but had FOLD DOWN been in the brochure instruction I wouldn’t have needed scissors and nail clippers! lol

Overall Thoughts.
I like them, even though I went through all the trouble of the nail clippers and the scissors, I still like them :0) Now would I buy them for my sad bitten nails… maybe, maybe not. BUT I would definitely buy them when I buy acrylics! I really do like these I just don’t have the long elegant fingers of a normal woman. I do look forward to trying these again now that I know how to properly apply them! lol

You can find more honest reviews like mine at Kiss Nail Dress on Influenster

Kiss Nail Dress can be found for $6.99 at Kmart, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Rite Aid, Target (all mass retailers and drugstores)

I received this product complimentary from Influenster’s VoxBox program.


My reply to a Huffington Post article


Nancy Lanza Adam Lanza Guns


I read this article.  My rely is at the bottom of the page.



“Nancy Lanza, Gunman’s Mother, Deliberately Forgotten In Newtown Memorial

AP  |  By KATIE ZEZIMA Posted: 12/21/2012 8:59 am EST  |  Updated: 12/21/2012 1:38 pm EST

Nancy Lanza Adam Lanza Guns

NEWTOWN, Conn. — When people here speak of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, they use the number 26: the ones killed after Adam Lanza stormed his way into the school.

When the bells of Newtown toll mournfully Friday morning to honor the victims of last week’s shooting rampage, they’ll do so 26 times, for each child and staff member killed.

Rarely do residents mention the first person police said Lanza killed that morning: his mother, Nancy, who was shot in the head four times while she lay in bed.

That makes 27.

A private funeral was held Thursday in New Hampshire for Nancy Lanza, according to Donald Briggs, the police chief in Kingston, N.H., where her funeral was held. About 25 family members attended the ceremony.

In Newtown, where makeshift memorials of stuffed animals, angels, candles, flowers and balloons have blossomed on patches of grass throughout town, there is only one noticeable tribute to Nancy Lanza. It’s a letter written by a friend on yellow paper affixed, screwed and shellacked onto a red piece of wood.

“Others now share pain for choices you faced alone; May the blameless among us throw the first stone,” it reads in part.

No one outwardly blames Nancy Lanza for the rampage. But authorities have said the gunman, her 20-year-old son Adam, used the guns she kept at their home to carry out a massacre that became the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history and has stirred lawmakers to call for gun control laws.

Nationwide, churches will ring their bells 26 times at 9:30 Friday morning – exactly a week after the shooting occurred – in memory of the victims. Two gold balloons, one a 2, the other a 6, are tied to a bridge. Handwritten tributes mention 26 snowflakes. “26 angels will guide us,” reads one.

The dearth of tributes to Nancy Lanza underscores the complicated mix of emotions surrounding her after the shooting.

In a small town where multiple funerals are taking place each day, where black-clad mourners stand in lines waiting to say goodbye to another child, many are incredibly angry at Nancy Lanza for not keeping her guns away from her son.

Some view her as a victim, but one whose guns were used to kill first-graders. And others think Nancy Lanza was an innocent victim, one who should be counted and included at memorials.

“It’s a loss of life and, yes, her life mattered,” said Christine Lombardi. “Yes, I do believe she should be included.”

Others in Newtown are weary of the crush of media and have become reluctant to answer questions after a difficult week. But the subject of marking Nancy Lanza’s death, along with those of the children and teachers killed by her son, seemed mainly to surprise two moms who stopped to place flowers at the memorial at Main and Sugar streets with their two grammar-school aged girls.

They paused, appeared bewildered, and looked at each other for a moment. Then one quietly said, “No, no,” and they each took a girl’s hand and led them away.

Newtown and environs weathered a fourth day of funerals Thursday as mourners laid to rest Catherine Hubbard, Benjamin Wheeler, Jesse Lewis and Allison Wyatt, all 6 years old; and Grace McDonnell, 7.

A service was held in Katonah, N.Y., for teacher Anne Marie Murphy, 52, who authorities believe helped shield some of her students from the rain of bullets. Roman Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan compared her to Jesus.

“Like Jesus, Annie laid down her life for her friends,” Dolan said. “Like Jesus, Annie’s life and death brings light, truth, goodness and love to a world often shrouded in darkness, evil, selfishness and death.”

A bell tolled Thursday at Newtown’s St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church at the funeral for Catherine, who her family said would be remembered for her passion for animals and her constant smile.

Trinity Episcopal church on Main Street was filled to capacity for the funeral for Benjamin, described as a budding musician and Beatles fan. His service included a rendition of “Here Comes The Sun.” About two dozen Boy Scout leaders lined the front pathway to the church in honor of the former Cub Scout.

In downtown Danbury, mourners filed into the ornate white-pillared First Congregational Church for a memorial service for 30-year-old teacher Lauren Rousseau. Friends wept at the altar as they remembered the spirited, hardworking, sunny-natured woman who brightened their lives with silliness and gave them all nicknames.

Gov. Dannel Malloy has asked people across Connecticut to observe a moment of silence at 9:30 a.m. Friday, which will mark a week since the shootings. The White House has said President Barack Obama will privately observe the moment of silence.

Places of worship and buildings with bells have been asked to ring them 26 times, for the victims at the school. Officials and clergy in many other states have said they will participate.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was one of the people to visit Newtown on Thursday, stopping by a firehouse.

The Obama administration will push to tighten gun laws in response to the shooting, Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday, and Speaker John Boehner said the GOP-controlled House would consider the proposals.

Biden, who is overseeing the administration’s response to Friday’s shooting, said he and Obama are “absolutely committed” to curbing gun violence in the United States.

“Even if we can only save one life, we have to take action,” he said.

Gun-control measures have faced fierce resistance in Congress for years, but that may be changing because of the events in Connecticut, which shocked the nation.

After the shooting, Obama signaled for the first time that he’s willing to spend significant political capital on the issue. Some prominent gun-rights advocates on Capitol Hill – Democrats and Republicans alike – have expressed willingness to consider new measures.

Investigators have said that Nancy Lanza, a gun enthusiast, visited shooting ranges several times and that her son also visited an area range.

Authorities say Adam Lanza shot his mother at their home and then took her car and some of her guns to the school, where he broke in and opened fire. A Connecticut official said Nancy Lanza was shot four times in the head with a .22-caliber rifle.

Adam Lanza was wearing all black, with an olive-drab utility vest, during the school attack. Investigators have found no letters or diaries that could explain the rampage.

Friends and acquaintances have described him as intelligent, but odd and quiet.

Friends said he would stare down at the floor and not speak when she brought him into a local pizzeria. They knew that he’d switched schools more than once and that she’d tried home schooling him. But while she occasionally expressed concern about his future during evenings at the bar, she never complained.

“I heard her as a parent. I always said that I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes. But I thought, `Wow. She holds it well,'” said Jon Tambascio, son of the pizzeria operator.


Contributing to this report were Associated Press writers Michael Melia, John Christoffersen and David Klepper in Newtown; Jim Fitzgerald in Katonah, N.Y.; and Frederic J. Frommer in Washington.”


This is my reply to the article. For whatever reason, a reply that I made to someone who had replied  to my rely (are you following me? lol) THAT posted here, but my original reply to the article didn’t post… Hmm well here it is if you are all wondering.
“I am probably going to get flamed up one side; down the other and then up once more for good measure, but people have forgotten another. I won’t refer to him as a victim, because I don’t know if he was. We don’t know his motives or the reasons behind those motives. Adam Lanza, shooter or the Sandy Hook 27, also lost his life. Now at this point in people reading this are probably damning me to hell, but the fact is that Adam did loose his life. No “Normal” person wakes up one day and decides “Today is a good day to shoot my mom, and go to a school that I have no obvious connections with and shoot 26 more. 20 being children.” Something was obviously very wrong with that young man. The “He had Asperger’s Syndrome” excuse is repulsive. The only noted violence associated with Asperger’s is Reactive Violence. It had anything to do with what Adam did a week ago. He may have been a strange kid to some, but Asperger’s did not cause the shootings. I do not in any shape or form condone what Adam Lanza did at Sandy Hook Elementary. What I do have is sympathy, for whatever he was going through should not have happened to him. But something happened that started the down hill roll of the ball that landed in his mothers bed and finally at Sandy Hook Elementary school. Adam’s family lost two of their very own.”

Nancy Lanza, Gunman’s Mother, Deliberately Forgotten In Newtown Memorial Shooting

Nancy Lanza Adam Lanza Guns

I said right in my post that he was not a victim, but his mother was. Do you think that his mother thought for any minute that “My kid will one day take down 28 people including himself, so I better get him ready for it!”? No If that thought had ever crossed her mind she would not have had guns around him. And she did not train him to use guns. The news has said there was only one time when she took him with her and it was because there was no one to watch him. Just having him there and watching her was not training. Irresponsible yes, but not training him.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Hoping for change.


The local county voluntarily closed all schools two days early, because some kids thought it would be funny to call in a bomb threat. When will children grow up? I know that is kind of transparent, but in all seriousness. When will children learn that calling in bomb threats and posting on Facebook that you have a “hit list” isn’t funny? And after Sandy Hook? That is what sickens me the most. After what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, the last thing that parents need to hear is that their children’s school got a bomb threat. These babies that were all murdered have barely gotten cold, and kids are acting stupid. I swear, this happens after a shooting like Sandy Hook, the schools went on lock down shortly after the Aurora, Virginia Tech and Oikos shootings.

I was watching CNN yesterday and they had a speaker who was a psychologist who said that something that school shootings are becoming popular, or they are all of a sudden all the rage….. Has this man never seen this list? ? I mean really, they are pretty consistent to me. Yes we have had more this year, personally I think it is because of the “End of the World” bullshit  that is making everyone bat shit crazy.

All I know is that things need to change. Maybe have Creative Writing, be required learning in school.  From 4th grade on through college graduation. Let us see into these kids heads. Maybe if we had a window into the minds of some of these kids, we could stop things before it happens… It would be cathartic for them and insight for us.

Hoping for change.

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